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Forever products have been shown that extremely improve for animals health conditions. Natural products help body heal itself.
Some important things you need to look out for when choosing your Aloe Vera products in order to enjoy all the benefits of ‘true’ Aloe Vera!
Due to the ever increasing popularity of Aloe Vera, demand for Aloe Vera products has inevitably led to the introduction of poor quality products to the market. These sort of products tend to contain much less Aloe Vera as a percentage by volume.
The marketing behind this type of lower quality products usually rides on the back of the extensive and positive publicity of the effects of high quality Aloe Vera. Unfortunately the huge disparity in quality, efficacy, purity, and potency between the different product brands of Aloe Vera is not always obvious.
To be sure that you putting the power of ‘true’ Aloe Vera to work on your behalf, before buying any Aloe Vera product, check to make sure it is a product high in Aloe Vera content, with Aloe Vera appearing as the first item listed on the ingredients panel. The law requires that the ingredients on the label must be listed by volume with the highest volume content item listed first.
You should also make sure that the product carries the International Aloe Science Council (IASC) seal of approval. The IASC is an independent regulatory body which monitors the quantity of Aloe Vera in the products. If their Seal of Approval actually appears on the container of the product and is not just an advertising claim, then the product is a genuine Aloe Vera one. The International Aloe Science Council is a non-profit trade organization for the Aloe Vera Industry world-wide.
When choosing your Aloe Vera product, ensure that only cold processed inner leaf Aloe Vera is used (not reconstituted). As a general rule, a product that includes “Aloe Vera extract” or “reconstituted Aloe Vera” is likely to be less potent than a pure – more than 98% – Aloe Vera product.
Another important measure of quality is the product manufacture’s own guarantee, which ideally should be nothing less than an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee.
Buy Forever Living Products for Animal Care
-Aloe vera drinks are liquid dietary foods consisting of the stabilised inner leaf gel of the plant which contains over 75 known nutrients, in a natural balance that helps to maintain all the signs of a healthy animal. Suitable for all, the liquids are readily absorbed into normal feeds although some animals prefer them in their water. The drinks have a tonic effect, maintaining a healthy appetite, suppleness of joints and revitalizing energy levels. Aloe Vera also has a soothing effect. Naturally help you favorite animal.
-Aloe Vera Gel with added MSM, Glucosamine Sulphate, and Chondroitin Sulphate, which are all naturally occurring elements to help maintain healthy joint function and mobility Vitamin C has also been added to assist with the absorption of these elements. This is a wonderful tonic drink that also helps combat against the signs of ageing and is suitable and beneficial for all animal.
-This high in aloe, refreshing fluoride-fee toothgel is ideal for your pet’s teeth, too. Reducing the build-up of plaque and tartar on the teeth, while gently soothing the gum areas, it has a low-abrasiveness factor and leaves teeth sparkling clean.
-Aloe Vera in a heat producing formulation which encourages blood supply. Suitable for use where increased circulation would be beneficial. Particularly useful for its soothing action on joints, ligaments and muscles. In animals it is essential that it is applied directly to the skin and not on to the hair.
-An excellent skin moisturiser and conditioner, it’s a rich blend of Stabilised Aloe Vera Gel and Bee Propolis, a natural agent used by bees to maintain the health of the hive, with other ingredients recognised for their contribution to healthy skin .
-A soothing Aloe Vera spray that is an ideal topical treatment for. Due to the versatility necessary for all animal owners to keep at home. Thus, skin lesions, bleeding, wound care cleaning, itching, hair loss high, not least home ourselves of dispensary.
-IT can be used as a topical preparation to soothe skin irritations, including minor cuts, stings and abrasions. It is a thick gel with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which lubricates and soothes damaged tissue in sensitive areas.

-Gel is a soothing clear gel combining MSM and stabilized Aloe Vera
Helps for joint problem. Soothing relief anytime. Combined with herbal extract and glucosamine.Use with Forever Avtive HA nutritional supplement .

-Propolis is the protective substance gathered and used by bees to keep their hives sterile and infection-free. It’s so effective that the interior of a bee’s hive is safer than most operating rooms. Containing 22 amino acids acids, B-complex vitamins and fortified with royal jelly. A pure and natural way to ensure a rapid return to normal condition.
-Bee pollen provides a wide spectrum of essential nutrients. Each is required to maintain perfect health. These include all vitamins of the B-complex and vitamin C. Since these are water soluble, they should be taken daily.

-Multi-purpose biodegradable, environmentally-friendly and economical liquid concentrate for use as a highly effective cleanser and disinfectant for grooming equipment and for washing blankets and numnahs, tack and feed-bins. The non-abrasive Aloe Vera content makes it mild and safe to use. It is even excellent for tail-whitening
– Equally suited to removing mud after a country walk or cleaning delicate skin types prior to applying other products, Aloe Liquid Soap will clean without irritation, good for hair wash also.
-Aloe Vera adds strong anti-fungal and other well known properties to this mild, but deep cleansing shampoo. Combined with the moisturizing and conditioning properties of jojoba oil, it will leave your animals’ coats, manes and tails tangle-free and shining with health.
-Owners want their animals in the best possible health for as long as possible, and Aloe Vera has become very popular in recent years. Always keep a supply of Aloe Vera products in your first aid kit to provide the best for your pets in timed of illness and health.
Aloe Vera is now available in a wider range of products that can be used for horses, and investigations by veterinary professionals have shown that Aloe Vera is effective in the treatment of many skin problems, joints problems and internal disorders in equines.
INTERNALLY:-Aloe Vera gel added to the food can provide lots of vitamins and minerals essential for your pets’ health. Some cats need it added very slowly, but once eating they take it very well. It is being taken by many people suffering with digestive problems such as colitis and IBS, and appears to benefit animals in the same way.
SKIN:-Feeding Aloe Vera gel, nutrition from the inside, seems to result in good quality skin and hair. For minor irritation of the skin, stings, bites and urticaria, use an Aloe Vera spray, and Aloe Vera gelly to soothe the sore areas.
ARTHRITIS-An Aloe Vera gel that contains glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM is an natural way to take in “missing part of joints “
-Clean minor wounds, abscesses and grazes with Aloe Vera spray then apply either Aloe Vera gelly or an Aloe Vera cream with propolis.
TEETH:-Aloe Vera spread on the gums of puppies can sooth during teething and may even avoid some of the puppy chewing associated with the sore gums. For older cats and dogs spread Aloe Vera gelly on the gums and teeth, over time the plaque can break down.


        Acid Indigestion (See Heartburn, Gastritis and Stomach Ulcer)
        Age Spots
        Aging and Longevity
        Allergic Dermatitis
        Allergies & Hayfever
        Alzheimer’s & Senility
        Angina Pectoris
        Anorexia Nervosa
        Anxiety, Restlessness, Anguish
        Appetite Loss
        Arteriosclerosis, Atherosclerosis, Cholesterol
        Athlete’s Foot
        Bleeding Gums
        Blood Circulation
        Blood Infection/poisoning, Septicemia
        Body & Foot Odour
        Body Building (See Sport)
        Boils (See Cysts)
        Breathing Problems (See Pulmonary Emphysema)
        Broken Bones
        Bronchitis, Head Colds, Pulmonary Congestion
        Bruxism (Teeth Grinding)
        Cardiovascular Problems (See Heart and Arteriosclerosis)
        Cerebral Embolism
        Cholesterol (See Arteriosclerosis & Atherosclerosis)
        Chronic Fatigue
        Cold Sores (See Herpes)
        Cold, Flu, Catarrh, Cough
        Conjunctivitis (See Eyes)
        Corns (See Feet, Athlete’s Foot)
        Cough (See Cold, Flu, Catarrh, Cough)
        Cramps, Muscular Pain
        Cysts (Benign Tumour)
        Deafness (See Ear Infections)
        Depression (See Nervous Depression)
        Detox (Liver, Kidneys)
        Digestive Problems (See Gastritis, Colitis and Ulcer)
        Dry Skin
        Dyslexia and Dyspraxia (Children)
        Ear Infection
        Embolism (See Arteriosclerosis)
        Emphysema (See Pulmonary Emphysema)
        Exhaustion, Weariness (See Chronic Fatigue)
        Fever (See Rheumatic Fever)
        Flu & Colds
        Frigidity (See Sexuality)
        Gall Bladder Stones
        Gastritis, Colitis, Ulcer
        German Measles
        German Pox (See Chickenpox)
        Glaucoma (See Eyes)
        Gray Hair
        Halitosis (Bad Breath)
        Hardening of Arteries (See Arteriosclerosis & Atherosclerosis)
        Headaches (Migraines & Tension)
        Health Maintenance
        Heart Burn, Acidosis
        Hemorrhage (see Eyes)
        Herpes (Simplex 1 & 2)
        Hiatus Hernia
        High Fever/Temperature
        Hormone Imbalance (See Menopause)
        Hypertension – High Blood Pressure
        Hypoglycemia – Low Sugar
        Hypotension – Low Blood Pressure
        Hypothyroidism – Low Activity
        Infectious Erythema
        Influenza (See Flu & Cold)
        Insect Bites
        Intestinal Parasites
        Intestinal Worms (See Amoebas)
        Kidney Stones
        Leg Cramps or Menstrual Cramps (See Menstruation)
        Liver – Detox (See Detox)
        Lupus Erythematosis
        Migraines (See Headache)
        Mouth Sores – Blisters & Aphtas
        Multiple Sclerosis
        Muscle Cramps (See Cramps & Rheumatism)
        Muscular & Back Pains (See Arthritis & Rheumatic Fever)
        Muscular Dystrophy
        Myocardium (See Heart)
        Nausea & Vomiting
        Nephritis – Kidney Infection
        Nervous Depression
        Nicotine Addiction
        Occuler Hemorrhage (See Eyes)
        Parasites (See Amoebas)
        Periodontitis (See Teeth)
        Piles (See Hemorrhoids)
        Pinworms (See Amoebas)
        Premenstrual Syndrome PMS (See Menstruation)
        Pulmonary Emphysema
        Pyorrhea – Gum Disease
        Rabies – Hydrophobia
        Rheumatic Fever
        Rheumatism (See Rheumatic Arthritis)
        Scarlet Fever
        Seizure (See Epilepsy)
        Sexuality – Frigidity, Impotence, Sterility
        Skin Infections (See Psoriasis)
        Spastic Colon (See Colitis)
        Sport, Body Building
        Sterility (See Sexuality)
        Stomach Gas
        Stomach Ulcer (See Gastritis, Colitis)
        Stones, Kidney (See Kidney Stones)
        Stretch Marks (See Pregnancy)
        Stroke (See Embolism)
        Teeth/Tooth decay
        Toothache (See Teeth)
        Tumors (See Abscess, Cancer & Cysts)
        Ulcer (See Gastritis)
        Uric Acid (See Gout & Arthritis)
        Varix – Varicose Veins
        Weariness (See Chronic Fatigue)
        Yeast Infection (See Vaginitis)

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MEDICAL DISCLAIMER:-Any product information or advice on this site is provided for informational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for the advice provided by your own medical practitioners. You should not use the information contained here for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease. You should read all product information carefully before purchasing and if you suspect you have a medical problem, promptly consult your healthcare professional.
We make no medical claims or otherwise for the treatment, prevention, cure or mitigation of disease, and cannot assume responsibility for those who choose to treat themselves. If you or your animal has a medical condition, we recommend that you consult a professional health care or veterinary practitioner, who will assess the condition and recommend the correct treatment and/or product and dosage.
Always choose products that have not been tested on animals. Aloe Vera given to horses as a dietary supplement can significantly enhance their stamina and performance, reducing competitive stress and post-event fatigue.


Forever Living Products for Jaundice care What is Jaundice?

Forever Living Products for Jaundice care

What is Jaundice?

Jaundice is a condition produced when excess amounts of bilirubin circulating in the blood stream dissolve in the subcutaneous fat (the layer of fat just beneath the skin), causing a yellowish appearance of the skin and the whites of the eyes. With the exception of normal newborn jaundice in the first week of life, all other jaundice indicates overload or damage to the liver, or inability to move bilirubin from the liver through the biliary tract to the gut.

Forever Living Products as per Optimal Health Pyramid for – Jaundice

Bee Propolis


Forever Living Products for Kidney Problems

Forever Living Products for Kidney Problems

Forever Living Products as per Optimal Health Pyramid for – Kidney Problems


Some of the recommended products you can try:- forever living products

Four healthy varieties of fresh, stabilized aloe vera gel. The primary ingredient is raw aloe vera gel, providing a rich supplement to healthy nutrition. These gels cleanse the system, assist digestion and absorption of nutrients, add vitamins, minerals and amino acids to your diet, and above all, promote a good, healthy lifestyle. Plus – discount prices!
Some of the recommended products you can try:-
Fights joint pain + stiffness associated with aging, injury + osteoarthritis. Key ingredients:
Aloe Vera
Vitamin C

 This drink is ideal for sports people and the more mature who wish to maintain mobility. 

The goodness of 100% stabilised aloe vera gel: benefit from 200 different nutrients, including 18 amino acids, 8 essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals…
Use as a daily nutritional drink for good health, well being and to balance the immune system.

Combining all the benefits of
Aloe Vera Gel with delightfully
tasty apple and cranberry juice
concentrates, especially good
for those with urinary tract
Contains potent antioxidant which has a beneficial effect on the protection of the skin

An invigorating, delicious & natural way to vitalize your whole family with vitamins, minerals and amino acids. 100% stabilised Aloe Vera gel with peach – ideal for children…
Solid chunks of pure aloe vera

Incredible power of a fruit
combination providing your
body with vital Xanthones
& other antioxidants plus great flavour!…
Super Antioxidant &Exotic flavor that everyone loves
Forever Aloe2Go is a fantastic combination of Aloe Vera Gel and Forever Pomesteen Power, 30 pouches, ready to drink nutrition anytime, anywhere…
(30 pouches per box)
Aloe2Go info


Non-abrasive, minty fresh aloe formula, gums stay healthy & teeth are really clean… * Whitens without using bleaching agents
    * Soothes mouth tissues
    * Does not contain fluoride

Product Name
Product : aloe-vera-juice
Company Name : Forever Living Products
Product Name : aloe-vera-juice
Information about the product :

Product Name
Product : Bee Products
Company Name : Forever Living Products
Product Name : Bee Products
Information about the product : Forever Living Products offers you a remarkable line of 100% natural bee products. Our beehives are in an ideal location where the pristine environment eliminates contaminants such as pesticides and pollutants. We use specially designed equipment to gather and preserve the ingredients in the conditions nature intended. All of our bee products – Honey, Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen and Bee Propolis – are natural and nutritionally rich, from the hives directly to you – just as honeybees have been making them for thousands of years!

Product Name
Product : Nutrition
Company Name : Forever Living Products
Product Name : Nutrition
Information about the product : Good health starts with good nutrition. With today’s farming methods depleting the natural mineral content of our lands, we can no longer rely on our foods to completely provide us with the essential vitamins and minerals that our bodies need. More people are turning to nutritional supplements as a means of getting sufficient quantities of those vital nutrients that can make a difference to their quality of health.

Our nutritional supplement products are made from the finest ingredients, grown or collected from the best sources and produced with the most advanced technology. Each product retains its original nutritional value, encouraging both good health and peace of mind.

Product Name
Product : Personal Care
Company Name : Forever Living Products
Product Name : Personal Care
Information about the product : Forever Living Products has combined all the benefits of aloe vera gel with the finest quality ingredients to offer you a range of natural personal care products that are second to none. From head to toe, our products have you covered with pure, stabilized Aloe Vera. From lotions and gels to shampoos and cleansers, look and feel your best with our complete Personal Care line!

* Detoxifies you body

A – Z of Ailments aloevera forever living products

A – Z of Ailments
Here is a non-exhaustive list of ailments and the product that you can use to help relief the symptoms. We will be continually adding more ailments and their cure. If you have anything to add comment on this page, and we’ll see about getting it added.
Please Note: The suggestions below are not medical cures for the ailments, they will help with the symptoms.
You can browse our webshop using the Shop Now link at the top of the page, or by going to ->http://www.rsiyengar.com

A-Z of Ailments
Abrasions – Aloe Gelly or Aloe First.
Abscess – Aloe Gelly, Bee Propolis, Garlic and Thyme.
Acne – Aloe Drinking Gel, Liquid Soap and Aloe Gelly or Aloe Propolis Cream. Also Royal Jelly, Fields of Green, Garlic and Thyme can help.
Allergies – Aloe Drinking Gel, Bee Pollen, Nature-Min.
Anaemia – Aloe Drinking Gel, Nature-Min, Fields of Green, Forever Bee Honey.
Anorexia – Aloe Drinking Gel, Forever Lite, Bee Pollen, Fields of Green.
Anxiety – Aloe Drinking Gel, Royal Jelly, Gin-Chia.
Arthritis – Forever Freedom, Aloe Heat Lotion, Arctic Sea.
Asthma – Forever Berry Nectar, Bee Propolis.
Athletes – Foot Gel, Aloe Gelly.
Blood Pressure – Aloe Drinking Gel, Arctic Sea, Royal Jelly, Forever Bee Honey.
Bowel Problems – Aloe Drinking Gel.
Immune System – Aloe Drinking Gel, Bee Propolis, Absorbent-C.
Burns – Aloe Gelly or Aloe First.
Catarrh – Bee Propolis, Aloe Activator, Garlic and Thyme.
Candida – Aloe Drinking Gel, Aloe Gelly.
Cataracts – Aloe Activator, A Beta-Care.
Chickenpox – Aloe Gelly or Aloe First or Propolis Crème, Bee Propolis.
Cholesterol – Aloe DrinkingGel, Arctic-Sea, Garlic and Thyme.
Chrohns Disease – Aloe Drinking Gel.
Coelic Disease – Aloe Drinking Gel, Forever Lite, Forever Bee Honey.
Colds and Flu – Bee Propolis, Absorbent-C, Garlic and Thyme.
Cold Sores – Aloe Lips, Bee Propolis.
Colitis – Aloe Drinking Gel, Bee Pollen.
Conjunctivitis – Aloe Activator.
Dandruff – Aloe Jojoba Shampoo and Conditioner, Aloe First.
Dermatitis – Aloe Drinking Gel, Liquid Soap or Bath Gelee, Gelly or Propolis Crème.
Diabetes – Aloe Drinking Gel, Forever Bee Honey, Royal Jelly.
Diarrhoea – Aloe Drinking Gel, Bee Propolis.
Digestion – Aloe Drinking Gel, Bee Pollen.
Duodenal Ulcer – Aloe Drinking Gel, Forever Bee Honey.
Eczema – Aloe Drinking Gel, Liquid Soap or Bath Gelee, Gelly or Propolis Crème, Enteritis Gel.
Fibrositis – Aloe Drinking Gel, Aloe Heat Lotion.
Flatulence – Aloe Drinking Gel.
Frozen Shoulder – Forever Freedom, Aloe Heat Lotion, Gingko Biloba.
Gum problems – Aloe Drinking Gel, Forever Bright Toothgel, Aloe Gelly, Absorbent-C, Bee Propolis.
Hay Fever – Aloe Drinking Gel, Bee Pollen.
Haemorrhoids – Aloe Drinking Gel, Aloe Gelly.
Headaches – Aloe Heat Lotion.
Headlice – Aloe Shampoo and Conditioner, Aloe Gelly.
Herpes – Zoster Gel, Aloe Gelly, Bee Propolis.
Hiatus Hernia – Aloe Drinking Gel, Forever Bee Honey.
Hives – Aloe First, Aloe Gelly or Propolis Crème, Bee Pollen.
Hormone Disorders – Aloe Drinking Gel, Bee Pollen.
HRT (alternative) – Aloe Drinking Gel, Royal Jelly, Nature-Min, Gin-Chia, A Beta-Care.
Irritable Bowel – Aloe Drinking Gel, Forever Bee Honey.
Itching – Aloe First, Aloe Gelly or Propolis Crème.
Lack of energy – Aloe Drinking Gel, Bee Pollen, Nature-Min, Gin-Chia.
M.E. – Aloe Drinking Gel, Bee Propolis, Nature-Min, Bee Pollen.
M.S. – Aloe Drinking Gel, Nature-Min, Gin-Chia, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly.
Mouth Ulcers – Forever Bright Toothgel, Aloe Gelly.
Muscle Aches – Forever Freedom, Aloe Heat Lotion, Nature-Min, Bee Pollen.
Oedema – Aloe Drinking Gel.
Osteoporosis – Forever Freedom, Nature-Min, Absorbent-C, A Beta-Care.
Parkinsons – Aloe Drinking Gel, Royal Jelly, Nature-Min, Bee Pollen.
Prostitis – Aloe Drinking Gel, Pollen.
Psoriasis – Aloe Drinking Gel, Liquid Soap/Bath Gelee, Propolis Crème/Gelly, Arctic Sea.
Psoriasis on scalp – Aloe Drinking Gel, Aloe Shampoo and Conditioner, Aloe First.
Rashes – Aloe First, Aloe Gelly or Propolis Crème.
Scalds – Aloe First, Aloe Gelly or Propolis Crème.
Scleroderma – Aloe Drinking Gel, Aloe Activator, Aloe Gelly, Propolis Crème, Forever Bee Honey.
Seborrhea – Aloe Drinking Gel, Liquid Soap, Aloe Gelly or Propolis Crème.
Sensitive Teeth – Forever Bright Toothgel.
Shingles – Aloe Drinking Gel, Aloe Heat Lotion, Aloe First.
Skin disorders – Aloe Drinking Gel, Liquid Soap, Propolis Crème, Aloe Gelly.
Sinus problems – Aloe Drinking Gel, Aloe Activator, Bee Propolis, Aloe Heat Lotion, Garlic & Thyme.
Sporting injuries – Forever Freedom, Aloe Heat Lotion.
Stiff joints – Forever Freedom, Aloe Heat Lotion.
Stress – Aloe Drinking Gel, Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen, Gin-Chia.
Styes – Aloe Activator.
Teething – Aloe Gelly.
Throat problems – Aloe Drinking Gel, Aloe Activator (gargled).
Thrush – Aloe Drinking Gel, Aloe Gelly.
Ulcers – Aloe Drinking Gel, Aloe Gelly.
Varicose Veins – Propolis Crème.
Warts – Aloe Gelly, A Beta-Care.

Aloe Vera Gel and 2ozs for nutrition and health maintenance, building up to 4ozs
Forever Freedom for disorders. For maximum effect take on an empty stomach.
Gel and Freedom can be mixed for a powerful cocktail of nutrients.
Aloe Activator can be used neat, but recommended to be used diluted 50/50 with boiled water. Use spray bottle for sinuses, dropper for eyes and ears and gargle for throat problems.
Credit for this list goes to FLP Distributor Louise Evans    http://www.rsiyengar.com